Saturday Night Movies

I watched “Date Night” for the first time today. It is sooo hilarious! A little bit thrilling, but hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, you should–I do believe it came out on DVD just yesterday or the day before. (I didn’t view it on DVD though… heh heh. I’ll stop talking.) All of the random actors aside (Shirtless Mark Wahlberg, striperella Mila Kunis, and Will.I.Am? LOL), I thought the acting was good. I haven’t laughed that much during a movie in so long!! Tina Fey and Steve Carell were amazing; their on-screen relationship seemed so effortless. And I would totally not call them the “boring couple from New Jersey.” What does that even mean anyway? Psh. Oh please, of course anything so close to, but not in, NYC would be considered boring. 😛

Anyway, many thanks for your input on my last post! Finding one’s own balance is a very important topic so I’m glad that it resonated with a lot of you, and I truly appreciate all the support! I shall try my best to continue listening to my body and I hope you do the same. 🙂

To quite literally get things started off on the right foot, I deviated from my usual morning workout today. I did not run my regular route and I did not care about the mileage… I just ran as far as my legs could take me. At the door I realized I forgot my iPod, but instead of taking off my sneakers and running upstairs to get it, I just decided to go on without it. It was pretty nice! I can definitely say that it’s easier to hear cars better without the earphones in. I also found my mind wandering more, which I guess isn’t really a bad way to pass the time. All in all it was quite liberating! I think I’ll do this kind of thing once a week to ease my mind and body. I like to stick to routines though, so I might go back to my usual 3.5 miler tomorrow morning. I wanted to do some long overdue strength training but as of now my plans are squashed (see below).

I also skipped breakfast prep last night and instead made COOKED oats for breakfast! Totally unheard of, I know. I had it Strawberry Shortcake style. Mmm… I think I am starting to “warm up” to warm oatmeal again. Cold yogurt + hot oats = the best of both worlds in my mouth.

For lunch I had a wrap with hummus, spinach, butternut squash, leftover black beans, leftover pico de gallo, and a little BBQ sauce. Yeah, I piled it up high! I always do that even though the risk of overstuffing is very high…

Finished off the 5 lb bag of carrots, too! Yay. That’s jalapeno and spinach-artichoke hum hum mixed together in the center.

Throughout the day I had some frozen banana chunks, Greek yogurt + mix-ins, and an Apple Pie Larabar.

Dinner was roasted veggies again. Yes, again… so what? I think I am going to roast again tomorrow night, too! Bahaha. 🙂

I loosely followed Ange’s balsamic green beans recipe, and applied the same technique to some eggplant and red onion.

I cut up 8 looong string beans, 1 japanese eggplant, and used up the last half of my red onion that I forgot I had. My word of wisdom to you is: do not skimp on the oil, otherwise the veggies will stick to the foil and won’t caramelize properly! Most of mine were well coated, but a few stragglers missed out on some of the oil lovin’ and ended up kissing the foil a little too closely. No big deal though.

On the side I had some brown rice topped with crushed tomatoes, a couple drops of BBQ sauce, and a few shakes of nooch. Loved the tomato sauce with the salt-n-vinegar veggies!

If this looks like a lot, well it was–that plate is about 12 inches in diameter. I am happy to say that it was aaaallll mine. Oh yes. 😉 Every single bite was incredible. Yeah, it took me about a half hour to roast, but it was SO WORTH IT!!

By the way, I just came back from Target… emptyhanded. The 8 lb dumbbells on sale were sold out; no rainchecks either. :/ So no strength training tomorrow… at least not with dumbbells haha.

Okay, it’s getting late so I’ll bid you good night now. Time to either a) sleep, or b) watch a chick-flick. Tough choice…

Questions: Do you need your music to work out? What is your favorite veggie to roast? Oh yes–watched any good movie recently?

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