A Little Improvement

When my parents first bought our house, it was in relatively good condition. Over the years, however, we’ve fixed things up to make the house more functionally and aesthetically appealing.

We’ve replaced the wooden panels and wallpaper with painted walls, butt ugly carpet (the one in my room was dark green) with more neutral off-white tones, and completely renovated both bathrooms–to name a few.

If you’ve been following up on my blog, you may recall that our kitchen was in need of a little improvement.

Well, I’m so happy to say that, as of last Sunday, the renovation period is finally over!

Whew. We are so happy with the results! Most of all, I’m so happy to be cooking in a new, clean kitchen! There’s something about it that has made meal prepping much more fun. I think it’s the cold granite countertops. Just touching it makes me feel refreshed!

Same stove, new range hood.

New deeper sink!

New dishwasher! We rarely use the dishwasher for, well, dish-washing; it’s more like a dish-drying rack. But if we do decide to sell off the house, I’m sure the new owners would appreciate a nice upgraded one. It’s all for looks, honestly.

Crown molding along the ceiling:

Now will someone come and fix this long crack on my bedroom wall?

I always get the feeling little bugs will crawl out. It’s freaking me out.

Ugghhhh. I just gave myself the jitters so let’s move onto a more familiar topic.

For breakfast yesterday, I had cooked oats, All-American style with some plain Greek yogurt in the middle.

Lunch involved some BBQ stir-fried onions, mushrooms, broccoli, and tofu, all over massaged raw kale.

Two bites in, I realized the salad needed a little improvement in the taste department, so I drizzled a little more BBQ sauce on top. 🙂

With that salad I had two pieces of toast, one with mashed avocado and the other with some hummus. Word on the street is that this combo is delish. Well, it’s true!!

Dinner was the usual favorite as of late: balsamic roasted veggies atop brown rice, with sprinkles of nutritional yeast and dried herbs.

After my very early beat-the-sunrise run this morning, I decided that my usual post workout form of hydration could use a little improvement. So I switched from plain water to some coconut water! Delicious. Last year I tried coconut water straight from a cracked-open young coconut (so fresh and yummy), but for those living without the luxury of coconut palm trees right outside their home (lol), this is a decent substitute! Coconut water is naturally a little sweet and loaded with electrolytes that your body needs to replenish after a sweaty workout. It’s like Gatorade without all the added sugar.

I drank about half of that “juice” box and also enjoyed a hemp protein-laced Green Titanic right after stretching.

Breakfast happened a couple hours later. I had a creamy bowl of overnight oats waiting for me in the fridge. I took it out, stirred it around, and topped it with 2 sliced fresh figs, 2 sliced strawberries (frozen, then slightly thawed), a driz of almond butter, a dusting of unsweetened coconut, and a pinch of cacao nibs for crunch. I love figs + nut butter together; very reminiscent of PB&J!

Lunch today was a hummus, avocado, and plain raw tofu sandwich

with a side of leftover roasted veggies, some cucumber slices, and a little BBQ sauce and nutritional yeast. Mmm!

I gotta run now; we’re visiting a house that we very well will be making an offer on!! So exciting.

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