Fruity Beet Smoothie


This morning’s run: a 2.4 miler in the cool but windless and sticky air at 6:30am. My pre-workout fuel was 1/2 banana and water. Today I tried to focus on running posture, lifting my feet up more off the ground. I also made a point to sprint whenever I was going uphill. What are your tips to making each run effective, in terms of body posture?

Plus, I remembered to stretch before leaving the house, in addition to my post-workout stretches. I like to work on legs and abs… it really makes me break out a sweat!

All in all it was a good workout despite the icky weather. No breathing problems, and I didn’t feel as tired as I was expecting, being up so early and waking up exhausted. In fact, right now as I’m typing, I am so full of energy! 8) I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

And now I present to you the star of this post…

Beets! A big ugly-and-dull-on-the-outside, gorgeously-crimson-red-and-sweet-on-the-inside nutritional powerhouse.

Beets are great. They’re packed with folate and manganese, and also provide a good amount of fiber and potassium. (Source) What I love about them is their beautiful crimson-magenta hue and, of course, their sweetness! I love to incorporate beets into my smoothies, so today I present to you just that.

Fruity Beet Smoothie


* 1 medium beet
* 1/3 medium carrot
* 4 strawberries (I used frozen)
* 1/2 banana
* A few squeezes of lime juice (for a bit of tartness to counteract the dominating sweetness)
* 2 cups water (approximate)

Directions: Give the beets, carrots, and banana a rough chop. Everything goes in the blender, with enough water to cover half of the mix (about 2 cups for me).


…and enjoy in a fancy wine glass for good measure.

Refreshing and energizing. Instant sweet tooth satisfaction. Grade A eye candy. 😀

I’ve tried adding spinach to my fruity beet smoothies before, and it is just as good. I haven’t had the guts to try plain green veggie smoothies, but it looks like that’s on the agenda for the near future. What vegetables do you like to incorporate with your fruit smoothies? Do you prefer smoothies with both, or fruit and green smoothies on their own?

I’m off for some breakfast now. Delicious VOO awaits me. 😉

P.S. I just wanted to thank everyone who visits this blog!!!! I am seriously so amazed that I even get any views at all. It means so much to me that my stuff is actually being read 😀 Thank you thank you thank you! ❤

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