Sweet ‘n Sour… ‘n Nutty?


Today was a very intense day at work. I was at the beck and call of my boss almost non-stop. When you’re basically someone’s financial and personal assistant, things can get quite hairy (sorry for using such an unpleasant word). Let’s just say that I nearly yelled at him today for being so impatient with me. But I gotta say that the day wasn’t all too bad.

My boss is an investor and was looking to invest in the company Smart Technologies, which produces Smart Boards. He wanted to learn more about these interactive white boards, so I thought, what better way to feed him information at my convenience than to let his computer do all the talking? It was pretty funny. When I asked him after each video if he wanted to see another, he looked at me in dumbfounded excitement and said “What? There’s more?!” 😛 Very little, if anything, does he know of the limitless capabilities of our world, the Internet. I kept him entertained by showing him probably 40 minutes worth of YouTube videos. Mind you, my boss is 84 years old and is totally behind in technology, so to him each video was more amazing than the last.

So what was I doing while his eyes were glued to the computer screen in blissful fascination? Having fun with Google Reader of course! Catching up on my blog readings makes my work day so much less painful. Thank you my dear bloggers for keeping me entertained 🙂

I’ve been in quite the salad-y mood as of late. Here’s another recent creation I’ve thrown together:

Sweet ‘n Sour Nutty Summer Salad with Brown Rice and Tofu

Ingredients: baby spinach, broccoli, kabocha squash, cucumber, cooked brown rice (including other starches and grains from our rice cooker), firm tofu, and chopped almonds.

Dressing: EVOO, soy sauce, agave nectar, lime juice, s & p.

Easy peasy.

Salads really don’t need instructions at all…

Or measurements for that matter… Honestly I don’t remember the last time I’ve used my measuring cups or spoons for anything I’ve made. Shhh 😀

I really enjoy the combination of sweet and sour with nuts! The almonds definitely add a mellow flavor and awesome texture to the otherwise ordinarily flavorful salad.

Perhaps that’s why people go crazy over Thai food. Thai cuisine is filled with peanut sauces, sweet chili sauces, and lime wedges. Just think of Pad Thai–it’s a classic for a reason.

Have you made your dishes sweet, sour, and nutty yet?

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