I <3 Butternut Squash

Hi folks 🙂

With the winter cold, it’s really hard to find produce I love that is also in season. (It has been way too long since I’ve seen organic blueberries at Trader Joe’s. Summer, where art thou? :()

Remember all the butternut squash that we “harvested” from the backyard garden in the summer? I used it to make Butternut Fig Soup, “Pumpkin Pie Carrot Cake” Overnight Oats, and of course, scrumptious Butternut Banana Pancakes (have you tried them yet? :D). Recently if you’ll recall, it was also an ingredient in my Curried Tofu dish, which I whipped up for New Year’s Eve.

Fast-forward a few months and you can still find me cooking with them. They’ve been keeping beautifully in the giant refrigerator/freezer that is our garage (yes, that’s how cold it is). I’ve read that squash can be “stored” for several months, which is great because that means they are ready for me to enjoy even in the dead of winter!

Today’s post is therefore a tribute to one of the most versatile foods on Earth. And I’m not being biased. 😉

Roasted butternut squash stuffed with lentils, apples, dried cranberries, and walnuts

I used the bottom of a b-nut squash, hollowed out the center, and filled it with an aromatic sauté of cooked green lentils, red onions, chopped gala apple, dried cranberries, and chopped walnuts. Oh, and lots of my favorite Greek flax + herb seasoning was used, too.

I topped it off with half of a piece of whole grain toast, torn into shreds. Then into the oven it went; I believe it was 45 minutes at 450.

Another take on the b-nut and lentil combo: Curried lentil soup with butternut squash and apples.

Can you tell that I can’t get enough of b-nut and apples? They are so good together!

Secret ingredient that you’ll never guess was in here? Broccoli. Not that I have to hide broccoli in my food or sneak it in or anything like that… I love my green florets but sometimes they just need to be blended up for texture reasons, that’s all.

And a new-to-me creation: b-nut pizza!

I started with an Ezekiel wrap as my “crust” and smothered it with a tomato sauce made from canned organic tomato, avocado hummus, and more mashed avocado. About a 3:1:1 ratio. Call me weird, but that combination makes for a really tasty and moist sauce! Plus all that avocado action is packed with healthy fats. Always yum in my book.


  • tempeh (cubed and coated with a little BBQ sauce–so good this way)
  • broccoli (see, I ❤ broccoli)
  • goat cheese

Speaking of goat cheese, this was my first time trying it! I try to stay away from eggs and dairy, but I figured I would give goat’s milk products a chance. I really liked the salty, slightly tangy taste of it. It’s also lower in fat that cow’s milk cheese but still provides lots of protein. I think I’m going to roll with it. 😀 (Sidenote: Call me odd, but all my life, even before my vegetarian days, I have refused to eat goat/lamb, for no reason other than that in the Chinese zodiac my “animal,” aka astrological sign, is the sheep. Also because sheep are so cute…)

  • red onions (I almost forgot them so I added them on halfway through–hence the “uncaramelized” look)
  • butternut squash (pre-steamed)
  • generous shake of flaxseed + herb seasoning <– considering how much is on there, why yes, that’s a topping, too.

It’s done in 15 minutes at 350–that’s it. So easy to put together and oh so good! If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Two days ago I also made another one with eggplant and scrambled tofu. That combo was delish as well 🙂

I’ll just go ahead and warn you now: it was a little difficult to cut and eat with a fork and knife. I ended up using my hands and face (yes, face) and that’s okay. It was a tad bit messy but let’s face it, who has time for utensils during times like this?

How do you like your butternut squash? That is, assuming you do. Otherwise we can’t be friends. Kidding 🙂


One Response to I <3 Butternut Squash

  1. Wow all your butternut creations looks so tasty!! I don’t know if I’ve ever even had butternut squash before? You need to hit me with some recipes so I can give it a try 🙂

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