I thank Tenka‘s 50% off coupon for bringing me to Gobo, a lovely little vegetarian restaurant tucked away in Greenwich Village.

It was a chilly but lazy Wednesday afternoon, and the dining area was quiet and cozy.

Behind the high counters one could hear a low buzz of chefs scurrying around. They must have been crafting something delicious.

On the menu was a wide array of lunch specials. I still find it hard to order in vegetarian and vegan restaurants because I am so used to having only two or three options in typical eateries. I find it so refreshing to have plenty of choices though!

Below the food items was a section with definitions of “unfamiliar terms,” which made me smile.

After some light chatter, my sandwich and fries arrived.

Layered between two slices of whole grain toast was barbequed eggplant, tofu, and portabella mushroom, in addition to the usual fixings of lettuce, tomato, and onion. I thought the sauce tasted lovely, like hummus in liquid form. (Anything that remotely tastes like hummus has my approval.) I guess I just wished the sad leaf of lettuce was replaced by a darker green with more flavor.

The dear boyfriend was delighted when he saw his plate of Singapore stir-fry mai-fun with seitan skewers.

He claimed that the noodles looked and tasted quite similar to the original version (which I believe has meat). Unfortunately the accompanying seitan skewers were disappointingly rubbery and bland. The small pool of mystery dipping sauce just barely saved the seitan.

While I enjoyed my sandwich and shared with my boyfriend a good portion of my tasty fries, we both agreed that we wouldn’t order the same things again. I’m actually excited to try one of Gobo’s stir-fry lunch specials next time. That one dish had me at the word “KALE” 🙂


4 Responses to Gobo

  1. WOW that looks good!! Next time I’m in NYC I am definitely stopping there! And making my boyfriend come as well lol

  2. Salah says:

    omg that looks sooooo amazing!!!!

  3. Hi girl, awesome website! Especially love your about me/behind the blog page. And I have a question for you: would you mind telling me what the plugin name is for your featured recipes? I seem to only find crappy ones ;). thanks!

  4. Jenny says:

    It’s soooo hard to pick one thing in a veg restaurant.

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