Battle of the Oats

Good morning!

Lately there’s been quite the hullabaloo in the kitchen arena. Spoons have been flying, hummus containers have been leaking, and bowls have been shattering, all over the infamous battle stemming from a longtime sibling rivalry between my sister and me

HOT cooked oats… (yesterday’s breakfast)

and COLD overnight oats… (today)

Verdict? They’ve both won my heart. *swoon* I see something special in both of them.

Compromise? Hot oats for my mornings working in New York City, Monday through Wednesday. Cold oats for my mornings chillaxin’ in Jersey, Thursday through Sunday. I know it’s not an even split; I blame none other than the genius who allocated an odd number of days to be a “week” (and gave us Hump Day).

Speaking of oats, I’ve been working on the Recipes Index lately, and *surprise* oatmeal is the first thing I’m tackling. I eat it every morning, so it’s a no brainer that it shall be my first priority. After I create the recipe pages, I have to go through all of my old posts to update linkbacks and such. It’s frustrating because when I look through oatmeal pictures I have the urge to go eat breakfast again. Story of my life. 😉

Yesterday I received my 3 pound bag of Nutiva Hemp Protein (50%) Powder that I ordered through Amazon. Half of it’s in the fridge, and the other half is tucked away in the freezer. I took a whiff of it last night; it smelled like grass. Nonethtless, I added about 2 teaspoons (the bulk bag doesn’t come with a scooper so I had to use my own spoon) into my Green Titanic today, which I enjoyed after my 3 miler this morning. I can’t tell you what the powder tasted like because, well, I couldn’t taste it at all! I did not notice a major difference in today’s Titanic compared to the non-proteinified ones I’ve always had before. I think that’s a good thing. 😀 I would be upset if the hemp made my Titanics taste like my freshly cut front lawn…

Questions: If you’re an oatmeal eater, do you prefer your oats hot (cooked) or cold? OR, what kind of protein powder do you use, if at all?

Happy Thursday!


5 Responses to Battle of the Oats

  1. I love my oats ANY way! Lately I have been big on whipped oats, but overnight oats have been calling to me. They might be my next phase 🙂

  2. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan says:

    I’ve gotten away from protein powders in general, except during heavy weeks of marathon training. I do still keep hemp protein around, but I can’t tolerate the taste too well. I’ve tried and hated both pea and rice protein =/ Soy is ok, but I haven’t bought that in forever. And of course, I don’t buy whey anymore like when I was younger.

    Great pics of your oatmeals! I like mine hot ‘n soupy :]

  3. I like my oatmeal hot, with nuts and raisins. I tried cold overnight oats once or twice and it’s just not my thing. I do love blueberries and oatmeal, too – your photos of the VOO makes me want to give it another try!

    I’ve never used protein powders, but I hear you on the odd-numbered days of the week. Wacky.

  4. KaraHadley says:

    I am all hot oats. I like overnight oats, but they don’t seem to have the same staying powder as hot oats for some reason. So I sweat it out in the summer.

  5. Jenny says:

    I do prefer warm, but I have to say, I’ve gotten used to the taste of cold oats. My husband loves it when I make a pot of steel cut oats with dried apricots cooked in – and then it gets really thick and stiff sitting in the fridge – he eats it for a snack, any time of day. If I use protein powder, it’s generally hemp.

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