Photo-Induced Nostalgia

I have a love/hate relationship with that feeling–the pangs of nostalgia I get every time I go through several days worth of pictures on my camera, coupled with my desire to relive all of those moments.

Nostalgia for vegan overnight oats

Peach Papaya VOO: PM base (oats, cinnamon, ground flax, vanilla soy milk) topped with sliced peaches, sliced papaya, almond butter, unsweetened coconut, and cacao nibs in the morning.

Cherry Papaya VOO: PM base (oats, cinnamon, ground flax, vanilla soy milk) topped with fresh pitted cherries, sliced papaya, almond butter, unsweetened coconut, and cacao nibs in the morning.

Nostalgia for Arctic Green Icebergs (haha what do you think of this name?)

1/2 frozen banana, 2 cups of spinach, 1 celery stalk, vanilla soy milk, ground flax, handful of assorted raw nuts, and cinnamon, all blended up and placed in the freezer for an hour to be enjoyed after hot morning runs. Frozen on the surface, thick and creamy below!

Nostalgia for frozen fruit (aka fruit I’d never thought would taste good frozen)…

Frozen kiwi: Frozen whole for 6-8 hours until hardened, thawed for a few minutes, skin easily peeled, and enjoyed as a daytime snack. A little tart, so ripe kiwis helped. Tastes like kiwi sorbet (err… whatever that tastes like)!

Nostalgia for the boyfriend

When we reunite in exactly 3 weeks, I get to wear this adorable shirt that he bought and recently shipped to me from 3000 miles away.

Nostalgia for mommy-daughter garden musings

This is a white luffa gourd. (I had to google for the English name; we’ve always just called it by its Chinese name “sigua.”) When cooked, the luffa’s soft flesh has a mildly sweet taste and okra-like texture. Other names for this veggie include “sponge cucumber” and “dishrag gourd.” The insides (xylem), once mature, can be processed into bath or kitchen sponges (luffas/loofahs). I was totally freaked out when my mother first made these!


String beans…

Some long and straight…

Some short and curly…

Green chili peppers…

Japanese eggplants…

A veggie my mom calls “water squash” in Chinese… Anyone know the English name of this anomaly?

Mint–oodles and oodles of it…

Butternut squash… We never imagined that a few seeds from store-bought squash would yield SO MANY BABIES!!!

some hiding safely under leaves… (look at that funky one on the right!)

and others hanging out atop the shed…

Pumpkins? Or abnormally round butternut squash? No one knows. 😀

“Harvesting” our very first butternut squash EVER. Aye aye, ain’t she a beaut!

So cute and plump, makes me almost not want to eat it. Almost.

And of course, nostalgia for good eats…

Stuffed ‘n Roasted Red Peppers: recipe to come! 😉

And finally, the one that goes without saying–the typical Sunday night nostalgia for the weekend that “just flew by.”

The clock struck twelve so it’s officially the beginning of the workweek again. Time to get my butt in bed!

P.S. Glad you guys liked the eggplant lasagna recipe! It’s going up under the “Featured Recipes” tab on the right sidebar (right above the bean burger recipe). Yep, that’s how much I want you to try it. 🙂

P.P.S. I think I might start a Recipes page to organize everything I’ve posted so far. Sounds like a pain though.


11 Responses to Photo-Induced Nostalgia

  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan says:

    Aw, where’s your bf been away to?
    That’s quite a garden! :]

  2. I think a recipes tab would be a great addition. I like to think of myself in a discovery phase – I’m making other people’s recipes with minor changes, if any, just to re-learn what can be eaten. So I don’t post their recipes. But yours look really good, and a tab to link back to the recipes would be a great addition.

    That shirt is too cute! I love vegetarian shirts and I giggle at the snarky/mean ones, but I’d never wear them (like “my body is not a graveyard” or even “bacon has a mom” – every one loves bacon these days!). That one is cute enough to wear.

    • Diana says:

      Note taken :]
      Yeah, I’ve seen the “bacon has a mom” shirt a long while ago! I just went on google images to see it again to refresh my memory but couldn’t find it. Instead I saw pictures of moms wearing clothes made of bacon. Eww.

  3. Oooh, Japanese eggplants are my JAM! Eggplant is my favorite food, but I like the Japanese variety even better. Too bad they’re harder to come by than their heftier cousins! If only I had a garden, I would grow nothing but eggplant in every possible color…

  4. brandi says:

    that garden is awesome! and I love the shirt – so cute 😉

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  7. Jenny says:

    very sweet gift he sent 🙂

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