Kabocha-Tofu Collard Wraps

Hi and good morning!! 🙂 Hard to believe it’s already Sunday… so make the best of your weekend before yet another work cycle begins again!

I’ve certainly been enjoying my weekend so far. Special thanks to the random VOO parfaits I’ve been whipping up for breakfast… yum yum. These fruity concoctions are like an art 😀 They’re as fun to make as they are to eat!

Saturday’s Layers: Blueberries, strawberries, papaya, blueberry coconut milk yogurt (1/2 container), almond butter, crushed walnuts, with fruit and cacao nibs on top.

I was in fruit heaven!! Especially the blueberries–both whole and and in the yogurt. Whole berries on the bottom, tucked in the middle, and tons of extras thrown on top… talk about blueberry overdose. 😀

This morning’s layers: Blueberries, blueberry coconut milk yogurt (1/2 container), almond butter, crushed walnuts, with shredded coconut, cinnamon, and cacao nibs on top

Yes, that would be a lovely piano bench it’s sitting on. 😀

It looks like the oats are drowning in the yogurt, doesn’t it? I put in more ground flaxseed and less oats when I was making the base last night to make it “bulkier”–more dense and more filling.

I already have coconut in the oats base, but I was feeling spontaneous and generously sprinkled some on top too.

Berries + chocolate + almond butter + cinnamon + coconut = hands down best parfait mix-ins.

And yes, that would be the same spoon with which I used to scoop the almond butter. Fewer utensils to wash and less almond butter wasted–hey, I’m being eco-friendly.

* * *

Yesterday I had these collard wraps for lunch:

Nope, that orange stuff isn’t cheese. Or egg.

It’s actually kabocha squash and tofu! Sounds weird? Maybe. I thought so, too. But the flavor is surprisingly good. I steamed a wedge of kabocha and hand-pressed a block of firm tofu. Combined and mashed up with a big blob of hummus, a very generous shake (~2 tablespoons) of nutritional yeast and a sprinkle of salt & pepper and dried herbs.

I purchased a bundle of collard leaves last week, so I used these in lieu of the typical grain wrap. A quick rinse, pat-dry, and removal of the stiff stem was all the prep it needed before it was stuffed and rolled up.

Tuck in the sides and roll, burrito-style.

Served with a quick dipping sauce–soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and agave.

These collard wraps were definitely a different taste and texture than the familiar whole wheat wrap. A little bitter, and it was not as elastic, making it a bit hard to keep in its wrapped up form without it unraveling or forming little cracks. Maybe slightly steaming them would help with those two drawbacks. Have you guys tried collard leaves? Do you like them? How would you prep them?

I’m off to a dentist appointment and then another day out with the family. My parents are planning to move to a bigger house. Sounds strange that they’re not looking for a smaller place, especially since my sister and I are now both in college. It’s a buyer’s market now, apparently. Anyway, now that we’re currently in the middle of house hunting, every Sunday has basically turned into long dates browsing homes with our realtor.


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