Layering with Food

Good evening! Actually, cool but still sticky evening is more like it, here in the NJ/NYC area. 😦

Am I the only one here who thinks today’s weather was bipolar?? Skin-sizzling hot during the afternoon, followed by power-zapping thunderstorms (my mom said she was shopping in Costco when the first clap of thunder came, and 3/4 of the store’s lights went out), and now finally a small respite–gentle winds but with a few raindrops here and there. I smell more danger later tonight…

Thanks for all of your comments on my bean burgers! Glad to see it was well-received.

Ok, so let me start off with some recap… everyone’s favorite “what I ate” type of stuff. (I’m not gonna lie–I love these kinds of posts too!)

Last night’s dinner: raw zucchini/cucumber spaghetti with an easy spicy tomato-hummus sauce (recipe below) and veggie toppings galore.

So, some of you may have noticed my addiction to the new toy as of late. I can’t help it… spiralizers are just too fun!! I am still amazed by the mechanisms behind this machine. Just a few cranks and a pile of squiggly noodles come pouring out! Seriously a great way to sneak in extra veggies, not that I think I’m deficient or anything.

Honestly, my veggie of choice when it comes to raw pasta is zucchini. It’s dry and relatively mild in taste–perfect for mimicking the texture and flavor of flour-based spaghetti. However, we only had 1/3 of a zucchini left, so I had to use up a cucumber to add some bulk. The cucumber is a lot more watery and some of the seeds ended up in the pasta pile. I didn’t mind too much though, because the sauce outshined the bland spaghetti anyway…

The spicy tomato-hummus sauce was just: 4 tablespoons of tomato basil pasta sauce (mine was from a jar), 2 tablespoons of jalapeño hummus, 1 tablespoon of BBQ sauce, and some omega-3 herb&flax seasoning. The spicy hummus definitely added a nice kick. Creamy, spicy, tomato-y… yum yum in my mouth.

The random toppings: steamed broccoli, steamed sweet potato, 2 crumbled veggie burgers, and 2 toasted slices of whole grain bread cut into matchsticks. Sounds like a veggie garbage truck just got into an accident or something, doesn’t it? (Okay, fail visual.) I assure you everything tasted great together though!! 🙂

The layers from bottom to top were: “spaghetti”, sauce, toppings, and more sauce!

I dug through the layers with my chopsticks to show you that there was indeed spaghetti on the bottom of the bowl! 😀

This morning’s breakfast: VOO layering fun 🙂 Overnight oats as the base, then with a handful of fresh blueberries, drizzle of almond butter, a few dollops (1/2 container) of strawberry banana coconut milk yogurt, crushed walnuts, and a pinch of cacao nibs.

My first time trying yogurt made with cultured coconut milk. After eating Greek yogurt for so long, I forgot how runny typical yogurt consistency was. Delicious nonetheless! The coconut milk is a slightly different taste than soy milk (think Silk soygurts), but I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was that tasted different. Not yet, anyway. Maybe after I finish the last flavor (I bought 4 total… 4 for $5 sale at WF) I’ll figure it out.

This was also my first time buying and eating cacao nibs, and I love the texture of it! The flavor is, of course, typical of raw chocolate–a little sour and a little bitter. However, the taste was pretty awesome, like 70-80% dark chocolate, when it was combined with the sweetness of everything else in the bowl.

At $9.95 for an 8 oz bag, it was quite a pricey buy. I’m thinking, if I use a dusting teensy bit on my VOO everyday, it can last me a few months. 😉

Today’s lunch: I packed a monstrous everything salad (can you tell I’m really getting lazy with my salad names?) and a braeburn apple (not pictured).  Side note: fuji apples used to be my favorite variety, but I think braeburns are now. Braeburns have a slightly more sour flavor, which I love love love. Burst of tartness and sweetness in every bite!

This gargantuan (funny word) of a delicious mess consisted of: red kale, fennel, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, red onion, brown rice, sweet potatoes, peanuts, raisins, almonds, and walnuts flavored with a few dashes/squeezes of extra virgin olive oil, herb&flax seasoning, soy sauce, lime juice, and agave nectar.

And finally, tonight’s dinner: raw BBQ tofu scramble wrap.

BBQ scrambled tofu with chopped baby spinach, brown rice mixture, red onions, all layered atop a hummus-coated whole wheat wrap.

The tofu part was super easy. I used a piece of firm tofu and squeezed out all the water with my hands, which naturally made the tofu crumble. The sauce was simply BBQ sauce and tomato basil pasta sauce (approx. equal parts each), with some seasoning thrown in. No cooking required, though I’m sure it would taste amazing if heated!

The wrap would also taste great with some nooch or cheese, but I totally forgot to include it. C’est la vie.

Last week I had a very similar version of this tofu scramble wrap, layered with sliced zucchini and without rice or spinach.

Alongside a massaged kale salad (kale, fennel, cucumber, almonds) and some toast sticks for more yummy carb crunch.

I am totally loving the combo of hummus and BBQ sauce…

When you leave me in a room alone with both, it gets quite dangerous, I tell you…

Here are some goodies I got today:

1. Salad spinner. Finally no more of me shaking kale leaves over the kitchen sink and wrapping lettuce in paper towels! $10 on Amazon.

2. Sea Veggie Seasoning. I’ve never had sea veggies before, but I see them all over the blogosphere. Evidently they are very good sources of iodine, among other nutrients! I grabbed these because they were on sale for $1.53 each. They’re naturally a little salty, with no salt added. Around 20mg of sodium per 1/4 tsp for each. They’re not terribly fishy-smelling, which is definitely a plus for me since I’ve always hated seafood and the smell of it.

I hope you enjoyed this super long post! I always take tons of pictures so I feel the need (and want) to include almost all of them.

Do you think my entries OD on the pictures, or do you like having lots of visuals? I personally am the type of person who loves eye candy. As I mentioned above, the mundane “What I ate” posts are my favorites!

Anyway, I’d love to hear your feedback. And be sure to check out Amber‘s SoDelicious giveaway and Jenny‘s vegan snack giveaway! Thanks for visiting and reading, and have a great rest of the evening!


9 Responses to Layering with Food

  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan says:

    I like “what I ate” posts too! I call mine “leftovers,” and I just throw everything in there I don’t have another place for :]

    Mmm, tofu/hummus/brownrice=perfect!
    I think you have me convinced on the spiralizer, I see myself getting one soon…

    Thanks for the linkback and for your comments!!

  2. Jessica says:

    I think you take beautiful photos and I like seeing so much of what you ate when it’s this good.

    I love bbq tofu, and it’s perfect for a wrap. Also I love Braeburns, and I agree a salad spinner is a necessity. I don’t have room for one in my teeny kitchen, so I use clean towels but I want a spinner! It’s so funny that the salad spinner is a joke gift for weddings, housewarming, etc, but it’s a great tool!

  3. Salah says:

    can you come move in with me and cook for me please???? everything you make always looks/sounds soooooo good!

  4. Kiersten says:

    I don’t think you have too many pictures in your post. If my photos came out as nice as yours I’d post lots of them too! That bowl of zucchini pasta looks so yummy!

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  6. jenny says:

    I enjoy looking at pictures, too. And yours are definitely always taken very well. I love how much you’ve got going on in that spaghetti bowl. I like sea vegetables so I’m interested in trying out that seasoning. Oh, and I’ve never tried cucumbers in the spiralizer. Great post.

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