Veggie Burger REMIX

Good evening lovelies! 🙂

After work I stopped by the Borders across the street to return a book. Handing the book over at the counter, the cashier took it from me, looked at it, consulted the manager, and told me that I couldn’t. Disgruntled, I asked why and had a talk with the manager. He explained that a refund was impossible because the book was no longer in sellable condition. The front cover had a faint smudge and both the front and back covers were slightly curled outwards, forming a )( shape when the book was propped on its base.

Okay, I’ll admit, I bought the book a month ago and already finished reading it. I’m trying to be economical and trade it in for another read. Plus, it wasn’t the best book ever, so it’s not like I wanted to keep it on my bookshelf. The book itself wasn’t even in that bad of a condition. In fact, it was not unlike the way it looked when I first grabbed it off the shelves in a Borders on the opposite side of the country while visiting my boyfriend in California. It was the last copy available and was not top-notch quality, but I bought it anyway. Stupid mistake. Never buy a book in less-than-pristine condition because you never know if you are going to return it. They won’t believe you when you argue that it looked like that upon purchase. Trust me.

So now I’m trying to clean the book up and flatten it by pressing a heavy box of papers over it. That’s right, today’s book-returning adventure was only attempt #1.

On the bright side, I did get my hands on Ani’s Raw Food Essentials. Yes, I’ve joined the blogger bandwagon and in no way am I ashamed of it. First of all, might I mention Ani Phyo looks gorgeous! She’s 42 (43 come July 17!) and she’s glowing. I am so excited to start reading her book and USING IT! Just for the record, let me just mention that this is my first veg cookbook, so excuse me as I hug it and envision all of the years of delicious memories we will create together. 😀

So in lack of a recipe today, I bring to you a salad I threw together last week:

I call it the Veggie Burger Remix. So far you’ve seen me eating my burgers in a wrap, on bread, and now it’s in my salad. It’s just one of those things that I can eat with anything and taste good no matter what.

This colorful mess consists of: spinach, cucumber, tomato, avocado, one Don Lee Farms veggie burger, and a handful of raisins. Topped off with a drizzle of easy agave-lime dressing: agave nectar, lime juice, EVOO, seasoning of choice.

Yes that’s toasted bread with my salad, the very bread that my veggie burger could’ve lazily sat on but instead got crumbled amongst vegetable friends. Don’t judge.

Bright and summery… I’m in love.

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